Why no longer @BlueHost

It has become a necessity to redo things from the ground up.

Although the BlueHost techs offshore are super nice people, they lack (through probably no fault of their own) either the ability, or the permissions, to fix problems.

Recently my site went down and the complaint was that I had a forum that had been compromised. Not sure what a forum is nor was I aware that I had one. But, in good faith, I worked with the tech team in Bangalore (I assume) over the better part of a week and they, though extremely apologetic and polite, were unable to resolve the problem.

I was assured the problem was taken care of and it wasn’t. I was assured that my case (2nd phone call) was being elevated to 2nd tier support and it wasn’t. I was assured (3rd phone call) that my problem was being “expedited” and it would be resolved in 1 to 2 hours … but when I pushed they got honest and admitted that it may be 24 to 48 hours.

This became the pattern through several 24 – 48 hour periods in a row. Frankly the reason I stayed with bluehost for nearly 10 years was that the stateside techs were knowledgeable and helpful and could not only handle my problems, but they were well versed in how I could avoid problems in the future. Now THAT is service.

My “corrupted forum” devolved into, according to them, a bad ssl certificate. Using my access to the Cpanel interface, it said everything was OK, but the site still registered as not having an SSL Certificate. Cpanel would not allow me to change things and evidently tech support’s access to the back end wouldn’t allow them to do anything for me either. As entertaining as it was to talk with these very accommodating and lovely people, listen to their keys clickety-clacking away to the accompaniment of roosters crowing in the background (no, I am not kidding) since we weren’t making progress, I decided enough is enough.

Wherever the techs are who used to service my account, I thank you for years of great service. I miss you terribly and wish you all the best in finding new employment and a bright future.