What is the difference between courage and stupidity in taking your next step as an entrepreneur?
True confession
I have shiny thing disease … you know, always thinking that if I can just afford that tech, gadget, thingy, device, web enabled flange gasket or new found knowledge then ALL will be copacetic and money will effortlessly flow through my business.
Granted, if you stay stupid forever, refuse education and don’t ever invest in training your life isn’t likely to change. But how do you figure out actual need vs good use of what you already have?
Recently I was listening to an online offer about copywriting. To be sure, good copy has been responsible for selling an enormous amount. My own writing would definitely be improved if I used a good copywriting framework on an ongoing basis.
I struggled for days. This was a good course with a proven track record. They were even (predictably) giving a lot of goodies away WITH the course! But finally the question came down to asking myself the most telling question: what action am I already taking?  Not woulda, shoulda, coulda, but what good things am I turning down on a daily basis to free up the time to do the most effective?
What am I doing … ACTUALLY DOING … with what I already have?

  • I already own a great book on copy writing AND I haven’t finished reading it
  • I (shame on me) haven’t put the book into practice.

The hero cam in my head saw me being courageous by investing in another course when in fact I was being a coward by refusing to use the excellent resources in my hand.
So here’s my public commitment.  I’m going to learn how to build a consistent habit of writing and posting the stuff that already is satisfying customers.
Secondly, I’m going to encourage people with my art. In keeping with that, I offer the above picture of a beginning entrepreneur, clearly in over his head, in the hopes that it will encourage people to just start! And then perhaps find just enough success to take next steps as they are able.
Here’s to your creativity.