I have been considering adding an Apple Pencil/iPad Pro combination to my graphic tool set for awhile and I finally broke down and did it.
As an aside, talking with the business manager at the Fayette Mall Apple store we found a common love for North Lime Coffee and Donuts. Our local version of that is on Clays Mill road here in Lexington and they sell donuts and coffee so good it should be considered crack. That gave me the idea for this week’s graphic offering.
What pushed me over the edge on the tablet is the redemption of time that a single mobile screen gives me. Drawing, digital painting, comping, calendar, Feedly, Olive tree, Evernote, email, text, etc come at me all in one interface. Long term, I would like to break the habit of writing things on bits of paper and shoving them in my pockets only to be retrieved later in a sodden mass from the washing machine as I wonder what relationship I just laundered to oblivion.
No, it won’t replace the solid horsepower of a dedicated desktop, but if I can redeem just 1 or 2 hours every day by learning the discipline of knowing where everything is (and where it is backed up), if will reduce a lot of the unprofitable flail in my life.
Anyway, I wanted to give a shout out to all the fun projects enabled by Black Canyon Consulting, Impact Printing, Leading Results, Diversified Printers, Kentucky Science and Engineering Foundation, Apple and others over the past few years. It really is a dream come true to finally have an outlet for the menagerie that has always lived inside my head.
Thanks to all. I am so grateful and so humbled by your support and encouragement.