The continual onslaught of mass marketing and free giveaways that has resulted in the downward trend of quality everywhere has even touched the venerable category of donuts. This plunge into degradation has resulted in people spotting a “red light” and running into a place of business in search of an ersatz pastry which only resembles a donut in shape and quantity of sugar.
Amongst such vagaries of life it is good to have an anchor. Real donuts, made by hand, crafted with loving attention and care are such an anchor. Yes, they are more expensive and must be searched out, but the experience produced in such an atmosphere of care and community is beyond compare.
Bacon is another such anchor. By itself it is a meat of such broad popularity that it has few rivals. In fact, “with bacon” is a phrase of such common parlance that it reveals the almost unchallenged belief that very few food groups aren’t improved by the addition of this glorious meat.
So, as we launch into March Madness, known mostly for its round ball competitions, let me hold up another staple of life, the North Lime Coffee and Donuts bracket of donuts. I cast my vote today for a venerable DOUBLE anchor of life, the Maple Bacon donut. This champion of goodness has raised sick people from their beds, motivated the indigent and propelled normally successful people to new heights of achievement!
Vote with your pocketbook! Buy a dozen today.