Sorry for the inconvenience. Rebuilding

It became a necessity to redo things from the ground up. My former webhost ( has moved tech support to India and although the techs there are super nice people, they lack either the ability or the permissions to fix problems.

My favorite part of using bluehost for nearly 10 years was that the techs were knowledgeable and helpful and could not only handle my problems, they were well versed in how I could avoid those problems in the future.

Recently, I worked with the tech team in Bangalore (I assume) over the better part of a week and they, though extremely apologetic and polite, were unable to resolve a missing ssl certificate. My interface would not allow me to change things and evidently theirs wouldn’t either. As entertaining as it was to hear roosters crowing in the background (no, I am not kidding) and talk with these very accommodating and lovely people, enough is enough.

Wherever the techs are who used to service my account, I miss you terribly and wish you all the best in finding new employment and a bright future.