ONE IDEA can be worth a lot or a little–it depends on how much it gets noticed.
More than a name, “Amazingly Creative” is an idea that we believe is as true of you as it is of us. No matter who you are, no matter what your area of expertise, you bring something astounding to this world and we count it a privilege to make your creativity visible.
Amazingly Creative, Inc. revolves around one core offering: we excel at discovering and giving visibility to your creativity. Our core competency is to listen for and discover what makes you and your business unique. By combining that discovery with a study of your market space we arrive at a collaborative design solution that expresses why your business offering is superior in light of your customer’s desires.

Who hires us?

We work with both established and emerging companies who need greater brand recognition. Our clients recognize that a solid marketing plan that includes budget lines for print collateral and a web presence is not negotiable. Having a clean, professional look is simply one of the basics of doing business.
Through branding, identity focus, websites or a solid advertising campaign, we offer marketing vehicles that tangibly express why your business offering is preferable in light of your customer’s desires.
Please let me help you attract, serve and retain your customers through increased levels of visibility for your business and your brand.

The assignment above

Every artist seems to end up in the place where they have to do something with nothing. Whining about using one of the most photographed faces in the world does no good. The antidote is determination and persistance. In fact, lot’s of us end up with a personal mantra that goes as follows:
I‘ve been doing so much
with so little
for so long
I can do anything
with nothing
Its not true, or course. Fortunately, when your client has little budget, you have resources that are provided by your tax dollars (whether you like it or not). The stars were provided by NASA via the Hubble telescope, the elderly professor came from the Library of Congress. Those resources and some over painting in Photoshop… Takes some hunting and imagination, but the results are fun.