Caring Again

I used to build things that flew, engines of gas, steam and noise
I sang loud, danced, drew pictures
The breakfast at the Highway 29 Cafe was almost a religious experience
In those days, there was time to sit on a hillside in Japan in the rain
just to watch a spider fix her web
The windblown hair of a woman could stop the stars in the sky, and my heart
In short, I was alive
Over time, I don’t know where or when,
I got in the habit of doing more, doing it faster…
“good enough” became my favorite lie.
Suppose I could blame it on the demands of others, but it was really me
I stopped caring,
I stopped loving,
I began to despise
and make excuses
and judge…
I did those things and I repent
By the grace of God I will remember that family, friends and associates are neither angels nor demons, just people who should be forgiven and loved
I can’t change yesterday and I don’t have tomorrow,
so today is my only chance to

  • ruin my wife’s shoes by walking her home in the rain,
  • waste money on dates and dinners
  • lose too many hours over truly great coffee and steak and beer
  • obsess over the needs of others

And finally, by the power of God’s indwelling presence I promise to linger over daily marvels, infuse my life with wonder and my work with diligence so that once again I might truly live.

Academy for Creative Excellence – UK Opera Theatre

UK’s Academy for Creative Excellence (A.C.E.)  had a vision “to inspire a life-long love for opera and musical theatre.” They wanted to offer students in the central Kentucky area an opportunity to be engaged in the highest possible standard of performing arts training and performance experience!
A.C.E approached us with a desire to raise their visibility while maintaining a tight budget. Since they are young, entrepreneurial and tech-savvy, a website was a natural place to begin the branding process. They are positioned well to exploit the web and social media because their daily activities can be a rich source of unique content.
In establishing the site, there were several parameters. We were asked to portray a serious (albeit beginning) training in the three theatre performance disciplines, vocal performance, acting and dance yet maintain a solid sense of fun and approachability. Setting a tone of excellence for the UKOT Academy for Creative Excellence (and their summer Broadway Bound programs) was important because the instructors at the Academy are directors, vocal coaches, and choreographers who are actively engaged in the arts on a local, national, and international scale.  However, all of their instructors have a love for young people and a passion for performing arts education – and their passion is infectious!

Branding – Black and White

Geez….color doesn’t cost anything on a website, so why not put color on everything? Blue headlines, green subheads, chartreuse backgrounds, etc. And then make it flash enabled, and give me some dancing squirrels and a picture of my cat.
Why not? Well, because people need to actually use your site to accomplish a purpose.
There are lots of people out there who want to sell you the website equivalent of a Bugatti Veyron. “It’s hand coded, its custom built, its one of a kind…very cool design.” But honestly, do you actually want the “hand built Bugatti” of a website if you are an ordinary carpenter, brick layer or plumber? Wouldn’t a “pickup truck” of a website more accurately reflect your business and actually do a better job of introducing you and your business?
Granted a Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, or Nissan, pickup truck won’t do 250 mph plus, but try hauling 20 sheets of drywall, screws, mud and all your tools to a job site in a Bugatti.
If you don’t need a “hand coded wonder” don’t pay for one.
To say “don’t spend too much” may seem counter intuitive for a guy who builds web sites to say, but I am completely convinced that only what makes your business brilliant matters. If the core of your business is a guy with a dream and a pickup truck, you need a website that reflects that.
Amazingly Creative, Inc. revolves around one core offering: we believe in your amazing creativity. Our core competency is to listen for and discover what makes you and your business unique. We then study your market space and collaborate with you to create a design solution that expresses why your business offering is superior in light of your customer’s desires.
We offer design solutions for print and web. We succeed by creating marketing vehicles that tangibly express why your business offering is preferable in light of your customer’s desires.
Having a solid marketing plan that includes a budget for print collateral and a web presence is money well spent. Having a clean, professional look is simply one of the basics of business.
What may we do for you?

Black Canyon Consulting Group

The Black Canyon Consulting Group has three different practices. In complete distinction from the average consulting firm, their methodology works in all aspects of strategy and business modeling, sales effectiveness, and customer experience. Even during the recent downturn in the economy, BCCG’s customers were turning profits while turning their companies around.

Rather than choosing a the usual take on the amorphous buzzwords of consultant speak, Black Canyon Consulting Group chose strong landscape and navigation concepts to point out their ability to equip and enable their clients to create and strengthen a sustainable competitive advantage. A real privilege to work with Wayne Peterson and his team in both their original entry into a web presence as well as the current version which went live in April 2011.
Another fun feature was putting a Prezi into a permanent format as a landing page presentation