According to the personality test…

    Route 66 – Desert southwest rocks. Cayman Islands – Classic Caribbean. Woodford Reserve – a great bourbon. Primanti Brothers in Pittsburg PA – a truly great sandwich. Motorcycles – Have fun until you’re scared … then push a little further

    Expressive – Emotionally Intelligent – Energetic – Academic

    Personally, I’m always amazed at the diversity of warm and thoughtful communications in this world. And, I am thrilled to have helped a wide range of clients.

    Working with clients to really get to know their unique style of communication convinced me that everyone is supremely creative, (though perhaps not artistic). I realized that the visual solutions people wanted from me were already there, hidden in my client’s messages. Eureka! This world and everyone in it are amazingly creative. Born energetic, my enthusiasm has expressed itself over the years as an art director for a national magazine, an illustrator/cartoonist, as well as being a production coordinator and a web and information services tech.
    Robert Rempfer
    Amazingly Creative, Inc.

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