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I have been considering adding an Apple Pencil/iPad Pro combination to my graphic tool set for awhile and I finally broke down and did it. What pushed me over the edge on the tablet is the redemption of time that a single mobile screen gives me. Drawing, digital painting, comping, calendar, Feedly, Olive tree, Evernote, email, text, etc come at me all in one interface. Long term, I would like to break the habit of writing things on bits of paper and shoving them in my pockets only to be retrieved later in a sodden mass from the washing machine as I wonder what relationship I just laundered to oblivion.

Sell all thou hast, and buy Photoshop

Deadlines. They are never just another day at the office. Just when you think you’ve planned far enough ahead, bluffed and cajoled to get things in on time, something gets added to the pile. It is then that one of my mantras seems extremely useful. “Sell all thou hast, and buy Photoshop.” The story goes […]

Hire Cartoonist

When you use a brand character, that brand character should be the personality of your company plus perhaps some feelings or attractions that you want to project. These feelings/images may be a bit nuanced to be in the written version of your brand promise. This may be a great opportunity to say “hire cartoonist!” Some […]

Hire Cartoonist

When is it a business advantage to think of using a fictional portrayal of something? The advantage is that it creates a visual portrayal of a company or product’s character. A company’s personality is somewhat intangible and an illustration can help. Other times, a reference to the brand’s history or a specific visual identity that […]

What BRAND are you smoking?

Every discipline has its language, a verbal shorthand to pack paragraphs of meaning into single terms relevant to the specialty. Those terms speed communications but can lead to banal statements if the definitions aren’t kept sharp. This post seeks to reel in some bad habits that have cropped up in my life and the lives […]

Diversified Printers

Diversified Printers in Southern California sells the manufacturing capabilities and capacity that can propel smaller printers to a whole new market share. As part of a business development process in concert with Black Canyon Consulting, we created a campaign that re-branded the company, introduced a new brand character and expressed the new face of the […]